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BodyTalk System logo The BodyTalk System™ is an astonishingly simple and effective form of energy medicine that balances and synchronizes all the systems of the body.   You can enjoy better health and well-being with BodyTalk by visiting a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP) for a treatment session, or by learning simple techniques that you can use anywhere, anytime, to help yourself, your family and friends by taking the BodyTalk Access™ Class.

The BodyTalk System has become the fastest growing healthcare system in the world because:

BodyTalk is totally safe.  Practitioners use a light tapping technique to help the brain restore compromised communication circuits within the body, restoring the body’s innate ability to heal itself.  There are no medications prescribed, and no invasive techniques imposed upon the body. 

BodyTalk honors each individual’s uniqueness.   Everyone is unique, and every BodyTalk session will be unique.  BodyTalk does not use diagnostic labels, or teach certain protocols for specific illnesses.  The innate wisdom of the client’s body itself guides the practitioner using neuromuscular biofeedback to identify which systems need to be brought into better communication, functioning and synchronization. Thus balancing procedures are revealed in the proper sequence tailored exactly to the individual’s priorities at that point in time. 

BodyTalk is truly Holistic.  The BodyTalk protocol is like a map of the entire Body-Mind complex, including physical systems such as the brain, nerves, organs, endocrine glands, muscles and bones, energetic systems such as acupuncture meridians and chakras, and mental systems such as limiting beliefs, traumatic memories or imbalanced emotional patterns.  Practitioners navigate the protocol chart using biofeedback to identify whether imbalances in the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual domains (or all four areas) need to be synchronized and harmonized. 

BodyTalk is Comprehensive.   The BodyTalk protocol is the most comprehensive protocol available in any system anywhere.  It combines insights from quantum physics and neuroscience, the wisdom of yoga philosophy, sophisticated energetic understanding of Chinese medicine, the clinical findings of applied kinesiology and the simplicity and effectiveness of energy psychology.   The BodyTalk protocol is the basis of the extraordinary results and health miracles that practitioners witness daily. 

BodyTalk is effective.   Many people experience marked improvements in their health with BodyTalk, frequently after trying many other practitioners and systems without success.  Clinical experience has shown that when the bodymind complex is returned to optimal functioning, the body can heal itself in amazing ways.   Some of the health issues that regularly respond to BodyTalk treatment include headaches, migraines, learning disorders, pain syndromes, endocrine imbalances, digestive disorders, eating disorders, addictions, allergies, accumulated toxins, viruses and infections, traumatic memories, PTSD, fears and phobias, etc. 

BodyTalk is Fast.  Some clients experience a major and immediate shift after a single session! Others who receive regular BodyTalk sessions report a steady overall improvement in all aspects of their health: physical, emotional and spiritual.

BodyTalk is Relaxing.  Generally, clients feel more relaxed with a general overall sense of well-being after their BodyTalk sessions.   

BodyTalk is Easy to Learn.  The BodyTalk techniques are simple enough to be leaned and applied as a home health-care support system with no prior health care knowledge.   BodyTalk is powerful and comprehensive enough to be used as a stand-alone system to treat many health problems, or seamlessly integrated into any health care system to increase its effectiveness and promote faster healing. 

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